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New applications - by yakaoser 07/04/2008 @ 11:51

New applications have arrived. They are :
Alain Moyret
Alain Cheval (installed)
Jorge Coehio (installed)
Lisbeth Courcambeck (installed)
Sylvie Cochet (installed)
Gilles Pascal-Roux
Jo Tachon
Annick Morize
Alexandre Buffard
Gustave Schubotz (sculptures monumentales bois, granit, acier) : installed
Annie Robin
Hélène Pétré
Anne Bastit (burning, installed)
Rose Gabriel de la Lyre (installing)
Michel Girard (flamed steel, installed)
Jean-Jack Wambst
Bernard Philippon (installed)
Gilbert Duchesne (installing).

We expect the works of Frederic Clerc-Renaud (Painting and sculpture) and painters Christophe Gulluni , Alain Patrini, Frédéric Godart, Christophe Massanes.

Soon communication's phase, don't let this opportunity pass ! k

No charge, it's Win-to-Win, you can only improve your communication !

Best regards.
Justwantit ©

New exhibitors arrival - by yakaoser 27/03/2008 @ 14:03

We launched the first set of emailand some artists have already contacted.
Thus Anne Bastit (burning), and painters Christophe Gulluni , Alain Patrini, Alain Briant, Frédéric Godart, Christophe Massanes, Marie Thérèse Fressanges came forward to register on the Arts gallery. At the same time, Marie Thérèse Cambon et Jean Noël Delettre (oil painting) has given us his paintings.
After this first phase of implementation, we will launch our communication phase primarily focused on corporate executives.

No charge , it's Win-to-Win , you can't only improve your communication !

See you soon on the arts Gallery.

Yakaoser ©

Taxation - by yakaoser 05/03/2008 @ 14:22

Good deal : taxation

For more information, contact the company directly who will advise you in this area.

Acquisition of art CGI art. AB 238 bis
Corporations can deduct from their taxable income the cost of acquisition :
  • Original works of living artists included in the fixed assets provided they remain exposed to the public or in a place accessible to employees with the exception of their offices during the period of deduction;
  • Musical instruments which the company undertook to pay for performers who request it.
In France, the deduction is made by equal fractions on the results of the exercise of acquisition and the subsequent four years for goods purchased from 1-1-2002 (or nine or ten-nine years for other works after that 'they were acquired since 1-1-1994 or before that date). The amount of the deduction made for each year is limited to the difference between the limit of 5 p. Miles of turnover and the amount of the payments referred No. 1115 which are eligible for tax reduction.

La Galerie des Arts a été traduite en version anglaise - by yakaoser 18/01/2008 @ 14:51

To reach a wider audience, both the manual that biographies are translated into English. Access to the English version is done by clicking on the icon of the British flag to the left of the main menu.

Marie Le François join us - by yakaoser 06/01/2008 @ 19:09

Former drawing teacher, Marie Le François exercises her talent so remarkable watercolours on the beautiful colors and shapes. Exhibition here

La galerie des Arts Plastiques arrive ! - by yakaoser 27/11/2007 @ 18:54

With this gallery, we offer you to exhibit your work and make it known throughout the Web.


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