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Street Art is in fashion - by yakaoser 02/04/2010 @ 14:28

Street Art is à la mode [Mar 10]

Born on the streets of New York in the 1960s and incarnating rebelliousness and non-conformity, tags, graffiti and stencils have found their way into galleries, auction rooms and collections. Today, street art is clearly fashionable having earned its stars in numerous exhibitions at venerable institutions like the Tate Modern in London (Street art, 23 May - 25 August 2008) and the Grand Palais of Paris (Tag, 27 March - 26 April 2009).

Demand for this type of art was insatiable over most of the last decade, generating a 195% increase in its price index over the period as a whole. However, it peaked in January 2008 before declining quite substantially with the crisis. Since 2008, its prices have contracted 40% back to 2005 levels.

London: capital of Street art
Since 2000, the centre of gravity for Street art seems to have shifted from New York to London, attracted particularly by the mysterious BANKSY who was supposedly born in Bristol in 1974 (but whose date of birth and real identity are apparently the subject of considerable uncertainty). His tags first appeared in London around 2001. Since then, he has become an anonymous star continuing to spray-paint his stencils in public places all over the world (London, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Palestine, etc.). In November 2003, one of Banksy’s works appeared at auction for the first time and the price was accessible to even the smallest budgets. His painting Keep it real sold for £800. On 18 May 2005, a message on his website announcing the exhibition of a remarkable rock engraving at the British Museum launched a treasure hunt… and the media eagerly joined the fray. Stars like Christina Aguilera or Angelina Jolie started collecting his work. Banksy was suddenly hot stuff! In October 2007, The Rude Lord, a recent work (2006), sold for £270,000 ($­­550,000) at Sotheby’s! In just 2 years, his auction prices had acquired an additional 3 zeros. Then on 14 February 2008, Keep it spotless, a stencil on a canvas making a strong reference to the Spot paintings of the UK’s other art market star Damien Hirst, fetched $­­1.7m. That was his first seven-figure result (and so far his last). As one of the hottest artists in the Contemporary art field, Banksy’s market suffered a substantial meltdown in 2009. The number of his works offered at auctions during 2009 fell to a third of its 2008 number. 
Bansky’s success has encouraged a whole generation of young London artists who have received notable support from Bonhams with their Urban Art sale and from Dreweatts London branch. The two auction houses orchestrated thematic sales during 2008 riding on the wave initiated by the Tate Modern exhibition. The Street art on offer included older works by Jean-Michel BASQUIAT as well as works by the new generation artists like Nick WALKER, FAILE, Adam NEATE, MAU MAU, CEPT, BEEJOIR, CYCLOPS and Guy DENNING.

Paris joins the movement 
In 2009, two Paris exhibitions contributed to the general public’s awareness of Street Art: Le Tag at the Grand Palais in the spring, followed by Né dans la rue – Graffiti at the Fondation Cartier from July to November. Stimulated by so much news, the auctioneers Artcurial, Cornette de Saint Cyr and Pierre Bergé & Associés quickly joined the sales trend of an art form that perfectly corresponds to a new generation of burgeoning collectors. Indeed, in the current climate, the market for Street art has all the right ingredients: it is financially accessible, particularly dynamic and its key figures like Keith HARINGand Jean-Michel BASQUIATgenerate very inspiring results. Small format works by MISSTIC can be acquired from $­­500, original works by CRASH, SPEEDY GRAPHITO, DAZE, INVADER, FUTURA 2000, QUIK and Xavier Prou (alias BLEK LE RAT) usually fetch between 1 and 10 thousand dollars. A little further up the price ladder there are large formats by John PERELLO (Jonone) which sell for between $­­10,000 and $­­40,000.


the Art Gallery changes its windows - by François PIGEAT 01/02/2010 @ 19:36

To get a little more

The Art Gallery uses a new plugin to animate his window:

display works randomly with new special effects.

So we also incorporated a new layout

using frameworks better marked.

Good visit !

Art Gallery is affiliated Artprice - by François PIGEAT 11/01/2010 @ 12:20

In early 2010, we are pleased to announce that

The Gallery of Arts has signed a partnership with



The ArtPrice's databases are an unparalleled collection of 290 000 online catalogs, 25 million results in auction prices and indices covering 405 000 artists. Future sales of 2 900 auction houses. Signatures and biographies of artists. To estimate a work click on the left side of the strip.

Enjoy your visit !

Communication pour noël sur la Galerie d'art - by paulineka 04/12/2009 @ 17:56

En ce mois de décembre nous lançons une nouvelle campagne de communication ciblée sur les chefs d'entreprise, alors profitez-en !

Ne laissez pas passer cette opportunité !
Rejoignez la Galerie d'Art, et améliorez votre image
Sur Internet comme ailleurs, l'union fait la force

Défiscalisation, cadeaux de fin d'année, oeuvre d'art - by paulineka 04/12/2009 @ 17:49

Acquisition d'oeuvres d'art CGI art. 238 bis AB
Les sociétés peuvent déduire de leur résultat imposable le coût d'acquisition :
  • d'oeuvres originales d'artistes vivants inscrites à l'actif immobilisé à condition qu'elles restent exposées au public ou dans un lieu accessible aux salariés, à l'exception de leurs bureaux, pendant la période de déduction ;
  • d'instruments de musique que la société s'engage à prêter aux artistes-interprètes qui en font la demande.
Pour plus d'informations nous contacter !

Vernissage Gérard Visser - by paulineka 03/12/2009 @ 12:06

Vernissage of paints and sculptures of Gérard Visser
will be organized on friday 4 december at 18h30 in the Art Galerie, rue Test du Bailleur, 38200 Vienne

Bernard Soupre just joined our Art Galerie - by paulineka 03/12/2009 @ 11:42

Bernard Soupre just joined the Art Galerie with the exhibition"Mémoire de Chaises"
Where empty chairs of public garden show us the life of people who were sitting on it...

To see the exhibition click here

ID d'art in Lyon - by paulineka 25/11/2009 @ 12:18

The 11th edition of ID d'Art à Lyon will take place on 27, 28 and 29 November
in l'Embarcadère, 13 bis Quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon
(Friday 27 from 13h until 22h, Saterday 28 from 10h until 20h, Sunday 29 from 10h until 19h)

ID d'Art is an event with creator of
Art, Decoration, Fashion and Design
For further info click here


Occupation of emptiness - by paulineka 16/11/2009 @ 09:50

From 13 until 21 November in L'Hôtel Dieu of Lyon "l'occupation du vide" will take place.
An action for insertion by having a place to live through art

These days will be regulated by exhibitions, sales and conferences
One of our artists will be there: Silvie Samy

for more info click here

111 of Arts - by paulineka 09/11/2009 @ 12:37

From 10/11/2009 until 22/11/2009 Les 111 des Arts will be organized à Lyon, Paris et Toulouse
Exhibition and sale of art for charity !!

Place of Exhibition in Lyon: Grand dôme de l'Hôtel Dieu
26 quai Jules Courmont
Lyon - 2eme (69002)
For more information click here

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