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Painters - Samy Sylvie

SS, click Sylvie Samy

"Passionnée d'histoire et d'archéologie dont j'aime à visiter les lieux et ressentir leur âme ..."

For several years, Sylvie has learnt the best way of restoring old paintings. After this experience she has decided to acquire an art gallery to realize her own paintings, as she felt a real creative part in herself.
So, in 1996 she settled in the area of St Georges in Lyon, and started managing her own business through the “Atelier des Ombres”. By the way, Sylvie could give life to her artistic selfpart. “ History and archeological ruins’ are a true passion . I like visiting and feeling their souls, thus stimulating my imagination” she said. Sylvie Samy likes exploring many practices, so she employs mixed techniques to complete her own creations. And more especially, she uses the technique of oil painting sometimes mixed with sand, wax or small collages on canvas.
I first expressed myself through an initial collection called “Nostalgic architecture” in reference to the world and the relation to time. After, she realized a new collection called “Archeo-cities”, translating the ancient world, and the spirit of Humanity. The past times, the present world and the future are to be met in a unique place by the painting action of Sylvie Samy. This new collection revealed itself a more purified contribution, undoubtedly owed to a trip in Japan. A far more graphical work. ..
Tomorrow comes to be here, and I suppose I translated my memories in my paintings. I think I achieved a superposition of my emotions and of my imagination and I investigated that feeling as some “stratum”.

Creation date : 19/05/2008 @ 16:29
Last update : 06/11/2009 @ 09:40
Category : Painters
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