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The Art Gallery

Whether you are an artist, manager of a gallery or Commercial Officer, this site is your window on the Net ! In this space, expose your work to the world, make contacts, do you find and develop your sales. To exhibit, tow formulas are offered :
  • Either on monthly fee, the amount of which varies according to :
    • the duration of exhibition
    • options: showcase and message
    • direct link to the exhibitor
    • no commission on sales
  • Either on the sale itself :
    • free exhibition
    • low commission on transaction via Internet
    • higher commission if actual presentation of works and negotiation.
To request the inclusion in the Art Gallery, simply write us your name, address and phone number (depending on the right side and bottom of the screen).

The housing conditions and exhibition you will then be sent for approval. Upon your approval, the Cyber assistance's team will intervine as soon as possible to :
  • Identify the works to exhibit
  • Photographs (and / or scanning) if necessary (option)
  • Install your exhibition on the gallery
  • Prepare / resume your biography
  • Create your personal gallery (or make a link)
  • Announce your exhibition.
To complete your registration, thank you to return your service contract available by clicking here duly completed, signed and accompanied by its rules.

Best Regards

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The Cyber Assistance's team
0033(0) 472 809 929

Creation date : 27/11/2007 @ 18:43
Last update : 25/01/2010 @ 11:13
Category : Exhibitors
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