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Exhibitors - Services

The Art Gallery

Services :
  • Exhibitions
    • Personal biographical
    • 5 permanent exhibition components (minimum)
    • Forum and messaging allowing contacts between registrants
    • Direct link to your personal gallery
  • Personal Gallery
    • multi themes
    • Effect fading into mere display or slideshow
    • Resizing of images depending on the size of the window
    • Slideshow
    • Unlimited number of images
    • Actualisable directly by the artist
    • Display recent update biographical page
    • Display of the most visited images
    • cf. to see example click here
  • Home Page
    • Posting a message in "travelling mode"
    • Exposure of several works in a slide show-loop (large size)
    • Miniature pictures on the banner (in place of the current image)
    • Random display of all exhibitions (thumbnails on the left)
  • Referencing
    • In the major search engines
    • Any news immédiately into Google and Yahoo by programm
    • Specialized in directories
    • By mailing targeted
  • Agenda
    • Event Registration
  • Newsletter
    • The opportunity to communicate to all registered members (artists and the public) on a periodic basis
  • Web support
    • Accommodation / Backup
    • Domain name
    • Messaging
    • anti-spam ....


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Last update : 18/12/2009 @ 14:58
Category : Exhibitors
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