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Sculpters - Bernard Métranve

Bernard Métranve

"Métranve seeks to communicate visions and special moments from the angle of the female body which has become in a way the principal medium of his emotions and imagination..."

Born on 11 june 1949 in Mézières, Métranve uses mainly bronze but other materials as well. Bodies are remodeled under the influence of analogies and the association of ideas ; they are transformed – but not deformed- by particular aesthetic rules which reject the repetitive and the facile . His language stresses as much the symbiosis of metamorphosed memories as the indefatigable pursuit of pure lines drawn from the most intense expressions of life and love . Far from academic, this sculptor injects lightness, fantasy and humor into each work.

1989: Price of artists from Orléans
1996 : 1st price sculptur of Ozoir la Ferrière city
1998 : Price Art and Dialog in Salon Itinéraire (Levallois-Perret)
2002 : Price of Conseil Général du Loiret (Saint Brisson sur Loire)
2006 : Sculpture Price of Salon du Vézinet
2007 : 1st sculpture price from salon de Dammarie-les-Lys

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Creation date : 03/11/2009 @ 13:14
Last update : 03/03/2010 @ 21:00
Category : Sculpters
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